Adventures in Trash Picking: Adirondack Chair!

I definitely owned a junk shop in another life.

Or maybe it will still happen in this one, but one thing is for sure.  I can’t pass up anything that’s been set out on the curb.  I have to go check it out.  Mainly, I hate to waste anything, and I just can’t stand what a throwaway culture we have created.  A lot of what I rescue from curbs ends up in our periodic yard sales, or recycled at thrift stores.  Few things give me greater pleasure than finding a new home for an old object.

Like I said, maybe it’s time for a junk shop.

Anyway,  driving down Harrison Avenue a few weeks back, I spotted this weather-beaten Adirondack chair, and fortunately, I happened to be driving the mini-van.  Uncool, but capacious.  This chair had clearly seen several very good seasons of use, but still.  It was mostly intact, except for a few rotted slats that I was able to replace with standard 1x3s cut to size by a reluctant Lowe’s employee.

Check out the finished product!  Now, I’m ready for some cool weather and  a fire pit.  I can dream …

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  1. No worse than us. One day, we picked up an old cast iron frying pan. Had a little rust. Cleaned it the old southern way with a potato and salt. Turned out that it was made in 1913. To a collector it is worth about $300. To us, it’s our favorite pan. 🙂

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