More Sourdough & Our 4th NOLAVersary



The sourdough starter I struggled with back in February continues to yield delicious results!  Today, I am pleased to report that I made two loaves of bread that came out great, just in time for a grilled cheese & tomato soup dinner.

The temperature didn’t top 75 degrees, and I had the windows and doors open all day, a true rarity in the Big Easy.  The cat loved it, and so did I.

It’s been four years since we landed here in April, 2014.  And also, I didn’t make that jar of “red gravy” in the picture.  That’s from a Philadelphia friend, for tomorrow’s dinner.  Just for the record.


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  1. Your bread looks great.

    If you go to the Philadelphia Inquirer online, you might be interested in an interview from a few days ago with a professional bread baker. His last name is Bois I think. Can’t recall his first name. See you —

    Neil S.

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    1. I found that article. Very interesting. I like his philosophy, too, of trying to keep a good, nutritious loaf of bread reasonably priced & accessible. Here’s the link:

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