96 Degrees in New Orleans…


Yesterday, May 14, set a new heat record in New Orleans.  96 degrees.  Fortunately, I am in Pittsburgh with my musician husband, where it is cool and rainy.  Spring is still in progress here, and I am feasting my eyes on the gorgeous, lush greenery, the azaleas and lilacs, and these beautiful pink dogwoods.  It’s like water for my parched soul.

Back in NOLA, the grass in my driveway has already started to brown from the sun’s intensity, and of course, we went straight from heat to air conditioning months ago (and then subsequently back and forth ever since).  The lettuce has bolted, and I’m still not sure that I managed to get the tomatoes in the ground “in time,” even though I do have a few little green Creole babies that may make it to adulthood.

My refrain:  “It’s not that Philly doesn’t have 96-degree heat.  It’s just that it usually only lasts for about six weeks.”  Not this interminable assault from now ’til Halloween.  And honestly, it’s been a pretty mild spring so far, by New Orleans standards.

Here we go.  I’m going to try to complain less this season, but I am not promising I will succeed.


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  1. “Well you’re not from around here
    You’re probably not our kind
    It’s hot from March to Christmas
    And other things you’ll find” — Rosanne Cash

    I gotta ask, respectfully, why are you in New Orleans? It seems like someplace in Pennsylvania is your home place. My musician wife likes being here because she can hide out. 🙂

    Anyway Thanks for reminded about Rosanne’s album. We used to listen to it almost daily. “The River & Thread,” if you are wondering.


    1. My husband is a jazz musician & he can make a living down here, so that was the reason for our move. It has been a real success on that front, and I’m grateful for that. Don’t know that Roseanne Cash album, but wow, those lyrics! So true!!


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